THE 2019 REUNION, June, Lexington , KY.  See the Events & News tab/2019 Reunion for more information.

Contact Jan Pifer or Steve Taylor if you can help with the reunion plans:

jdpifer at gmail dot com
steve.taylor at JTIAssociation dot org


THE FIRST MEETING/REUNION WILL BE 31 MAY 2015 (SUNDAY) AT BLOOMSBURY, ORANGE, VA.  (See the Events & News tab and the Taylor Places tab above)

In the 1920s there was a Taylor Family Association that published two “booklets” on genealogy and news/history of the Taylor family (Volume I 1924-1926, Volume II 1927-1929). The association apparently disbanded as there were no further publications. A small group of Taylor cousins and friends have started a new Taylor Association.

RootsWeb/Taylor Association

Our Family Tree

ancestry.com/Taylor Association


Steve Taylor
(Membership Secretary)


Taylor Association at RootsWeb

Our Family Tree

King & Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum

Montpelier-home of James & Dolly Madison

James Taylor I research by Bob Allen

James Taylor I research by Ann Blomquist

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  1. Paige Taylor

    Wowy zowy! Hi Steve, yes, there is a big group of Taylor’s here in Portland, OR. We had a Taylor Family History Party for the first time just last year! I will forward this to our cousin with the email list. Exciting! Love, Paige A. Taylor 1965 (Daughter of Samuel Francis Taylor the IV 1935)

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