The 2023 Reunion is scheduled for 10 & 11 June 2023 in Orange, VA. Part of the reunion will be at Bloomsbury. There may also be some activities on the Friday before and the Monday after.  See the events & news tab for the latest updates.

The 2022 reuniontentative dates 10 Jun-12 Jun in Orange, VA


The RootsWeb/WorldConnect site is moving to ancestry . com.  All of the links on these pages from RootsWeb/WorldConnect will likely be changed & will probably not work.


A message from the president, Jan Pifer (from the Facebook group page):
Greetings, Taylor Cousins!
I hope that you all had a Wonderful Christmas and that everyone is staying healthy!
There are many who are wondering if we will get to have the Taylor Reunion at Bloomsbury this year….
We shall try to make it happen, so this is a “Save the Date” notification. Friday, June 10th until Sunday, June 12th look like the best weekend. Please respond to tentatively let me know who will be coming so that I can begin the planning. The Madisons will be invited as well, but Susan Fogg says that they are not having their actual Montpellier Reunion in 2022.
Cousin Helen Marie doesn’t get out much anymore, so I’ll have to check with her to see if we can still have the Friday afternoon reception at her lovely Monument Avenue Home in Richmond. Saturday could be a free day in Orange to visit Montpellier, the Madison Museum, the Historical Society, and Greenfield Cemetery. Sunday would be a catered luncheon at Bloomsbury.
PLEASE respond to this message!
Everyone have a Happy New Year!
jdpifer at gmail dot com

THE 2019 REUNION, June, Lexington , KY.  See the Events & News tab/2019 Reunion for more information.

Contact Jan Pifer or Steve Taylor if you can help with the reunion plans:

jdpifer at gmail dot com
steve.taylor at JTIAssociation dot org


THE FIRST MEETING/REUNION WILL BE 31 MAY 2015 (SUNDAY) AT BLOOMSBURY, ORANGE, VA.  (See the Events & News tab and the Taylor Places tab above)

In the 1920s there was a Taylor Family Association that published two “booklets” on genealogy and news/history of the Taylor family (Volume I 1924-1926, Volume II 1927-1929). The association apparently disbanded as there were no further publications. A small group of Taylor cousins and friends have started a new Taylor Association.

RootsWeb/Taylor Association

Our Family Tree

ancestry.com/Taylor Association


Steve Taylor
(Membership Secretary)


Taylor Association at RootsWeb

Our Family Tree

King & Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum

Montpelier-home of James & Dolly Madison

James Taylor I research by Bob Allen

James Taylor I research by Ann Blomquist

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  1. Paige Taylor

    Wowy zowy! Hi Steve, yes, there is a big group of Taylor’s here in Portland, OR. We had a Taylor Family History Party for the first time just last year! I will forward this to our cousin with the email list. Exciting! Love, Paige A. Taylor 1965 (Daughter of Samuel Francis Taylor the IV 1935)

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