2018 reunnion

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6/8 Dinner 6/9        Genealogy Mtg        6/9 Art Lecture        6/9 Dinner         6/10 Church

6/10 Reunion Picnic and Meeting                      6/11 Belle Grove Tea and Tour

Please mail this Registration Right Away!!!

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(you can copy & paste this form to a word document & then print it)

Friday, June 8th: Steve Taylor will be going to Caroline and King & Queen Counties to visit several Taylor sites of interest, including the cemetery near Bowling Green, James Taylor I land in K&Q County, The Mattaponi River at Walkerton, (lunch available at a deli counter in local Grocery Store,) K&Q Courthouse Tavern Museum, and the site of the Apple Tree Church. The group will meet in the lobby of the Round Hill Inn Hotel (formerly the Holiday Inn Express in Orange) early on Friday morning, so you would probably need to stay overnight on Thursday if you are coming from out of town. Steve asks that you contact him at steve.taylor@jtiassociation.org by June 8th if you’d like to carpool along. This outing is not listed on the registration form, so you need to contact Steve personally if you’d like to go.
Friday Evening, June 8th: If you would like to have dinner with Cousins, please circle this on the Registration Form. Time and location will be forwarded to you after Jan knows how many are interested by May 20th.
Saturday Morning, June 9th: 8:00 a.m., Steve Taylor would like to invite anyone who is interested to meet with him at the Round Hill Inn lobby to explore United States Taylor Genealogy.
Saturday Morning, June 9th: 10 a.m., Board Meeting at Round Hill Inn
Saturday Afternoon, June 9th: 2:15 – 3:15 p.m., We have been invited by the Madison Family Descendants to attend “A Lecture on the Madison’s Art Collection at Montpelier,” by Elizabeth Chew, Vice President of Museum Programs at Montpelier – Grand Salon, Visitor’s Center. Saturday is also a great day to tour Montpelier!

Saturday Evening, June 9th: 6:00p.m., Round Hill Lobby – Another opportunity to have dinner with Cousins! Be sure to mark this on your registration form if you’re interested, so Jan can make reservations.

Sunday Morning, June 10th: You might wish to attend St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 119 Caroline Street, Orange, VA. Founded in 1740 and designed by Thomas Jefferson, this Historic Church was attended by many of our Taylor Ancestors. I believe Holy Communion is at 10:15 a.m. Please mark this on your registration if you plan to attend, so I can let them know how many guests to expect.

2018 Taylor Reunion Picnic & Meeting

Sunday, June 10th: 12:00 Noon, Please, PLEASE return your registrations by May 20th so that I can get this event planned in good time! All who respond will receive a map to Bloomsbury and details about the cost of our event. You can pay at the door, but I need to receive ALL of the registrations before I can tell you the cost per person. Once I have all the reservations, I can divide the cost of the catering, tents, etc. by the number of attendees to determine the amount per person and I will notify you prior to the reunion. There will be a parking attendant to help you park on the Bloomsbury grounds. Please sign-in at the registration table to pay for your meal when you arrive.

Monday, June 11th: 10:30 a.m., Please meet in the Lobby of Round Hill Inn so that we can carpool to Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway. This Spectacular Mansion and Bed&Breakfast Hotel at Port Conway, Virginia, is the site of the birthplace of Our James Madison. Michelle and Brett Darnell have agreed to a discounted price for the Tea and Historic Mansion Tour!
The website is http://www.bellegroveplantation.com and the address is 9221 Belle Grove Drive, King George, VA 22485 (not to be confused with the Belle Grove Plantation Museum in Frederick County.)!

Hotel & Lodging Information
Back in early January, I thought I would set up some blocks of rooms in the only two hotels I was aware of in Orange, Virginia – The Comfort Inn and the Round Hill Inn (formerly the Holiday Inn Express.) Lo and behold, I was told that there are THREE WEDDINGS in Orange on our Reunion weekend!!! I, of course, panicked, and asked for every available room they had remaining. So here is the scoop:

Round Hill Inn
750 Round Hill Road, Orange, VA, 22960

There are 8 rooms in the “Taylor Family Block” reserved 6/6 to 6/12
The nights of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday are $90. The nights of Friday and Saturday are $120.
Call the number above and ask for the Taylor Family Block to register. You can specify the nights you want to book with them.

The Comfort Inn
334 Caroline Street, Orange, VA 22960
Call Jan Pifer (317)523-5270

They were not able to give us a block, but I put their 6 available rooms on my credit card, and when you arrive, you can switch it to your credit card. The rooms are available June 6th – June 12th, but you can specify which nights you want to book. Each room has two queen beds.
The nights of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday are $90. The nights of Friday and Saturday are $153.

DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL!!! Call Jan Pifer at (317)523-5270 to book I already have the 6 rooms booked on my credit card.

Other Lodging can possibly be located on the county’s tourism website at http://www.visitorangevirginia.com.

Please find your accommodations immediately!
If you have questions, call Jan Pifer at (317)523-5270