1920’s Membership List

Membership Lists from the 1920s Taylor Association:

There were two membership lists of the 1920s Taylor Association. The list below is from a copy of Volume I of the Taylor Association “booklet”. Descendants of James Taylor I may find their grandparents or great grandparents on these lists (mine are there).


Volume I 1924-1926

Abert, Nellie–26 Audubon Pl., Ft. Thomas, KY

Abert, Susie–26 Audubon Pl., Ft. Thomas, KY

Adams, (Mrs. J. R.)Alice Coleman (Barbour)–729 N. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA

Adams, William Barbour–729 N. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA

Alger, Mrs. Philip R.–34 Southgate Ave, Annapolis, MD

Andrews, Mrs. A. R.–3814 Bowsen, Dallas, TX

Ardery, Mrs. William Breckiridge (Julia Hogue Spencer)–“Roccliegan”, Paris, KY

Arnold, Brent Jr.–Big four R.R., Lincoln Bldg., Louisville, KY

Arnold, Brent Sr.–C/O L.&R. R.R., Cincinnati, OH

Arnold, Sophia–Paris, KY

Bailey, Mrs. Georgiana Hodge–231 Monmouth St. Newport, KY

Baker, Ann–Frankfort, KY

Baker, Cordelia Taylor–Frankfort, KY

Baker, Mrs. George–Frankfort, KY

Baker, Mrs. Guy–124 E. 40th St., New York, NY

Baker, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.–R. R. Versailles, KY

Baker, Mrs Rawlings Mahon (Martha Taylor)–1138 Sixth Ave., Huntington, WV

Baldwin, Mrs. Barbour–W. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Barbour, Claire Jean–105 Forest Ct., Louisville, KY

Barbour, Mr. & Mrs. James Barret–Ivanhoe Ct., Louisville, KY

Barbour, Mr. & Mrs. John Robert Taylor–105 Forest Ct., Louisville, KY

Barbour, Mildred Bullitt–105 Forest Ct., Louisville, KY

Barbour, Patricia Stewart–105 Forest Ct., Louisville, KY

Barbour, William MacAllaster–Henry St. S.W., Roanoke, VA

Barbour, Mr. & Mrs. William Todd, The Shenandoah Hotel, Roanoke, VA

Barnes, Mrs. Walter R. (Phyliss Winchester)–18 Outlook Rd., Rairmont, WV

Bate, Elizabeth Taylor–St. Matthews, KY

Bate, Frances C.–1729 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Bate, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Alexander–1729 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Bate, Robert Alexander Jr.–1729 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Bate, Virginia A.–1729 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Bate, Mr. & Mrs. Virginius A.–St. Matthews, KY

Battaille, J. Frank–Lexington, KY

Beckner, Mr. & Mrs Lucien–Winchester, KY

Berry, Fannie–LaGrange, KY

Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Gibson Taylor–Henderson, KY

Berry, Mrs. John Washington–LaGrange, KY

Berry, R.Adm. & Mrs. Robert Mallory (U.S.N. retired)–1053 Burns Ave., Detroit, MI

Berry, William Lambert–806 W. 7th Ave., Spokane, WA

Berryman, Mrs. R. S. (Ruth Gay)–Cilders Terrace, Versailles, KY

Betts, Mary Letitia–R.R. 4, Winchester, KY,

Betts, Stanley Sloan–Wilmington, NC

Betts, Virginia Carter–18 Hathaway Ct., Winchester, KY

Bobbit, Mrs. William Haywood (Laura Blake)–1437 Fairfield, Indianapolis, IN

Bonticou, Mrs. Daniel Jr. (Jane Savage Casey)–62 W. 89 St., New York, NY

Boyd, Mrs. Frank D.–Fort Worth, TX

Brent, Judge George A.–The Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisvill, KY

Brent, Mrs. Jack Langhorne (Mary Frances Berry)–The Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Buckner, Alice Elizabeth–35 Erlanger Rd., Erlanger, KY

Buckner, Mary Lucy–35 Erlanger Rd., Erlanger, KY

Buckner, Mrs Mildred Wise–3rd St., Newport, KY

Burbank, Annie Thruston–319 Elm St., Henderson, KY

Burbank, Mary Taylor–319 Elm St., Henderson, KY

Campbell, Mrs. Duncan J. (Eleanor MacKubin Wood)–Macleod, Alberta, Canada

Cannon, Mrs. John S. (Jouett Taylor)–Frankfort, KY

Caperton, Mrs. James W. (Catherine C. Phelps:–“Amberley”, Richmond, KY

Carpenter, R. Adm. John Slaughter, U.S.N.–417 Fourth St., Wahington, DC

Carson, Katherine Waller–1705 Clinch Ave., Knoxville, TN

Carson, Mrs. William Waller (Rachel Finnie)–1705 Clinch Ave., Knoxville, TN

Casey, Faith–Westervelt Orchards, Belton, MO

Casey, John Murray–41 Byers Pl., Denver, CO

Casey, Josephine Gibson–410 E. 40th St., Kansas City, MO

Casey, Lee Taylor–1805 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Casey, Samuel Lewis–410 E. 40th St., Kansas City, MO

Chism, Ernest Beeler–2739 Shippen Ave., Louisvill, KY

Clarke, Mrs. Henry Watts (Lucy Bate)–7617 Saginaw Ave., Chicago, IL

Clark, Mildred Taylor–LaGrange, KY

Clark, Sue Campbell–LaGrange, KY

Cleneay, Mrs. Bessie Lewis Taylor–206 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, DC

Clore, Mrs. Joseph (Susan Gibson Taylor)–LaGrange, KY

Clotworthy, Mrs. John B. (Susan Letitia Rice)–62 Queen St. West End, Atlanta, GA

Coffee, Charles Franklin Jr., 411 Chadron Ave, Chadron, NE

Cooper, Mrs. Phillip H. (Kate Foote)–Morristown, NJ

Courtenay, Martha Burge–1110 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Cox, Mrs. E. Pettitt (Elizabeth Taylor)–3009 E. Illinois Ave., Indianapolis, IN

Crenshaw, Mrs. Henry Austin (Kate McAden Davis)–202 w. Bank, Salisbury, NC

Curd, Mrs. Haiden T. (Ann Mary Joyes)–1240 First St., Louisvill, KY

Davis, Dr. Isaac–Oxford, NC

Davis, Mrs. Wm. Henry, (Martha Taylor Saunders)–832 Oak Place, Cincinnati, OH

Davis, Wm. H.–Gainsville, GA

Doremus, Mrs. Charles, Avery (Elizabeth Johnson Ward)–57 W. 58th St., New York, NY

Dorsey, Mrs. Robert (Mildred Ann Wilmana)–Newport, AR

Drane, Mrs. T. S. (Fannie Bate)–125 N. Bayley, Louisville, KY

Drexel, Mrs. John R. Jr. (Mary Jane Barbour)–New York, NY

Dudley, Margaret–Church Home, Morton Ave., Louisville, KY

Eagles, William B.–Inter-Southern Bldg., Louisville, KY

Elam, Mrs. Joseph B. (Margaret Taylor)–Mansfield, LA

Elmer, William W.–U.S. Bank Bldg., Portland, OR

Embry, Mrs. Harry W. (Janette Colston)–Cherokee Park & Woodburn Ave., Louisville, KY

Faris, Mrs. A. Burton (Sallie Russell Taylor)–Richmond, KY

Foster, Colleen–Baker, OR

Foulke, Jocelyn–Richmond, KY

Frank, Mrs. Louis Sr. (Eliza Wallace Harney)–1715 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Frayser, Nannie Lee–Ormsby Ave, Louisville, KY

Gains, Mrs. Helen–1728 E. 65th St., New York, NY

Garrard, Mrs. Gilbert (Mary Taylor)–The Puritan Apartments, Louisville, KY

Gibson, Mrs. Jonathan (Mary Louise Taliaferro)–Ft. Thomas, KY

Gibson, Sarah Mallory–Maceo, Davies Co., KY

Glass, Mrs. William E. (Frances Taylor Miller)–4500 Southern Parkway, Louisville, KY

Gordon, Cecil–Puritan Apartments, Louisville, KY

Gordon, Judge & Mrs. Thomas R. (Myra Taylor)–Puritan Apartments, Louisville, KY

Gordon, Mr. & Mrs. Robert G.–1337 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Green, Mrs. Alice Gregory–R.F.D. Box 6, Hendersonville, NC

Green, Mrs. John Williams (Annie Amis)–1408 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Green, Marion Amis–1408 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Grinnan, Hon. Daniel–1005 E. Main St., Richmond, VA

Grinnan, Nina–Woodbury Forest, VA

Grinstead, Mrs. Harry C. (Fanny Helm)–419 Belgravia Ct., Louisville, KY

Grinstead, Harry C. Jr.–419 Belgravia Ct., Louiville, KY

Griot, Mrs. George C. (Blanch Coffee)–411 Chadron Ave, Chadron, NE

Hall, Mrs. Thomas E. (Frances Rice)–2229 Cherokee Parkway, Louisville, KY

Hardwick, Mrs. J. H. (Cooksey Harris)–Cleveland, TN

Harris, Mr. Beverley Taylor–Fayettsville, AR

Harris, Bettie Westropp–2104 Confederate Place, Louisville, KY

Harris, Kate–R.R. No. 16, Windsor, MO

Harris, Mrs. Robert Dorsey–Center & Ohio Streets, Fayettesville, AR

Hawes, Susan–Owensborough, KY

Hay, Mrs. Charles W. (Mary Belle Taylor)–“Scotland”, Frankfort, KY

Henderson, Dr. Richard–c/o Carrie Taylor, Crestwood, KY

Herndon, Mrs. Charles (Lucy Woodford Gordon)–409 Hanover, Fredericksburg, VA

Herrick, Mrs. D. C. (Nancy Madison Taylor)–139 N. Park Ave, Oak Park, IL

Hovey, Kathleen–1945 Walker Ave., Memphis, TN

Howe, Mrs. Thomas Johnson (Retta Barbour)–LaGrange, KY

Hubard, Robert–Salem, VA

Humphreys, Thomas Jefferson–Louisville, KY

Hunt, Ellen–932 N. Fourth Ave, Knoxville, TN

Hurley, Mrs. Horace O.–2038 Confederate Place, Louisville, KY

Hurley, Horace O. Jr.–2038 Confederate Place, Louisville, KY

Jacob, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Robertson–Louisville, KY

Jacob, Laura Wilson–Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Jennings, Mr. & Mrs. Frank–Jacksonville, FL

Johnson, Darwin Ward–Louisville, KY

Johnson, Florence Pickett–2631 Virginia Ave., Louisville, KY

Johnson, Mrs. Edward Polk (Florence V. Taylor)–The Theirman Apt., Louisville, KY

Johnson, Henry Gibson–2631, Virginia Ave., Louisville, KY

Johnson, Miss Willie–128 N. Carr Ave., Memphis, TN

Johnston, Mrs. Catherine Taylor–9 Board of Trade Bldg.

Jouett, Frederick Edward–214 E. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Jouett, Lt. Landon Preston, U.S.N retired–Louisville, KY

Joyes, Dr. John Crittenden–Ft. Worth, TX

Joyes, Morton V.–127 Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Joyes, Janeete–Belgravia Ct., Louisville, KY

Jungbluth, Mrs. Karl Jr., 520 Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Keester, Mrs. George Bennett–110 Duke of Gloucester St., Memphis, TN

Kemper, Hon. Charles E.–Staunton, VA

Keys, Jane Griffith–208 E. Lanvale St., Baltimore, MD

Kline, Mrs. Rebecca Taylor–229 Third St., Frankfort, KY

La Mar, Mrs. Joseph R.(Clarinda Pendleton)–Muscogee Rd., Atlanta, GA

La Mond, Mr. & Mrs. John James (Bettie Taylor)–309 Morgan St., Morganfield, KY

Langhorne, Mrs. John (Annie Taylor)–125 Main St., Salem, VA

Lester, Mrs. Bernard (Kate Johnson)–1326 Second St., Louisville, KY

Lewis, Sarah Louise–Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Lewis, Mrs. William McGill (Angie Smith Taylor)–1239 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, CA

Logan, Mrs. J. V. (Jessie Taylor)–162 Crescent Ave., Louisville, KY

Lord, Mrs. J. B. (Sara Thruston Simmons–Ft. Bragg, NC

Luce, Mrs. Bleecker (Elizabeth Strother Scott)–Arkadelphis, AR

Luckett, Mrs. William Stoke (Marlanne Eagles–Irvington on Hudson, NY

Lyle, Elizabeth Taylor–Winchester, KY

Lyle, Josephine–Care City Bacteriologist, Lexington, KY

Lynn, Sarah O.–932 N. Fourth St., Knoxville, TN

MacKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert A. (Luella Woods)–Moulton, IA

McCarty, Harry Jr.–Nicholasville, KY

McCarty, Mrs. Harry Sr.–Nicholasville, KY

McCarty, Lynn–Nicholasville, KY

McCrocklin, Mrs. J. W.–1810 S. Fourth St., Louisville, KY

McKenna, Mamie Taylor–9 Richmond Ave., Lexington, KY

McLaws, Virginia Randall–4 Randall Place, Annapolis, MD

McLennan, Mrs. Alexander (Rosa Harbison)–1500 Third Ave, Louisville, KY

McMeekin, Mrs. Samuel H. (Isabelle Stewart McLennan)–Spring Dr., Louisville, KY

McMillan, Mrs. Harry G. (Louise Barbour)–1817 Melrose Pl., Knoxville, TN

Miller, Mrs. Benjamin Selman (Caroline Morton Huff)–1216 First St. Louisville, KY

Miller, J. Emmerson–1216 First St. Louisville, KY

Miller, Genevieve Arnult–4500 Souuthern Parkway, Louisville, KY

Miller, S. C.–c/o Federal Land Bank, Louisville, KY

Miller, Susan Carpenter–Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Miller, Mrs. Wm. P. (Gertrude Grable)–4500 Southern Parkway, Louisville, KY

Morrison, Mrs. John Rowan (Lucinda Cochran Trabue)–1419 St. James Ct., Louisville, KY

Mount, Mrs. Robert Morris (Elizabeth Willett Berry)–LaGrange, KY

Mower, Mrs. Mary Lee–309 Morgan St., Morganfield, KY

Nelson, Mrs. Robert M. (Mary Winston Berry)–Nelson Place, Newport, KY

Newbill, Fannie Temple

Nicklin, Col. Benjamin Patten, U.S.A.–516 Poplar St., Chattanooga, TN

Nicklin, John Bailey III–516 Poplar St., Chattanooga, TN

Northcott, Mrs. Gustavus Adolphus (Mamie Salena Wilson)–1344 Third. Ave, Huntington, WV

Ormsby, Byron–2028 Sherwood Ave., Louisville, KY

Ormsby, John Lewis–London, KY

Overstreet, Mrs. Samuel L. (Josephine Bliss Berry)–1200 First St., Louisville, KY

Owen, Mrs. Robert Waller (Reba Humphreys)–316 W 79th St., New York, NY

Palmer, Dr. Edward Rush, M.D.–Puritan Apt., Louisville, KY

Peter, Mrs. Robert Arthur (Letitia Lee Todd)–Puritan Apt., Louisville, KY

Pettis, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Phythian–Lexington Ave., Newport, KY

Phythian, Mr. & Mrs Robert L.–3521 Winthrop Ave., Indianapolis, IN

Phythian, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor M.–Frankfort, KY

Pilcher, Mrs. William (Annabelle Green)–125 Union St. Petersburg, VA

Pillsbury, Mrs. Chas. S. (Nellie Pendleton Winston)–100 E. 22nd St., Minneapolis, MN

Porter, Caroline–The Cortlandt, Louisville, KY

Porter, Mary–The Cortlandt, Louisville, KY

Price, Mrs. J. Lampton (Mary Belle Taylor)–Campbell St., Frankfort, KY

Price, Eugene Blackburn–317 Oaklawn Ave. S. Pasadena, CA

Pruett, Mrs. J. W. (Juanita Kline)–229 Third St., Frankfort, KY

Pryor, Mrs. Harold Porter (Eleanor Maria Berry)–1338 S. Second St., Louisville, KY

Ramsey, Mrs. Otho M. (Ann Josephine Knowles)–403 W. Burke St., Martinsburg, WV

Randall, Alexander Burton–241W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, MD

Ransom, Mrs. Frank L. (Laura Taylor)–304 E. Main St., Murfeesboro, TN

Refo, Mrs. Miles P. (Mildred Lee Prancis)–912 Matrakas St., Norfolk, VA

Rice, Dr. Walter Gowans–223 N. 10th St., Terre Haute, IN

Richardson, Samuel B.–518 W. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Robertson, F. Richard Taylor–Fayettsville, AR

Robertson, Mrs. Harrison (Marion Richardson)–Spring Drive, Louisville, KY

Robertson, Mrs. Theodore (Jessie Mason Taylor)–1019 Fourth Ave., Louisville, KY

Robinson, Elizabeth Lee–Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louilville, KY

Robinson, Mamie–Anchorage, KY

Robinson, Miss Taylor–Anchroage, KY

Rodman, Mrs. Edmund B. (Mary Talbot Dudley)–Shelby St., Frankfort, KY

Rodman, Rear Adm. Hugh, U.S.N. retired–Westmoreland Apt., Washington, D.C.

Rodman, Hugh–Oakmont, PA

Rodman, Ruth Sayre–129 Crescent Ave., Louisville

Rowe, Mrs. Elward L (Minnie Grable)–West Point, KY

Rowe, Kilbourne–West Point, KY

Rowland, Mrs. Edward E. (Harriet Hurley)–2110 Confederate Place, Louisville, KY

Rule, Mrs. Arthur M. (Elizabeth Wright)–Plainfield, NJ

Rutledge, Mrs. Arthur M. (Rosaline Winston)–500 W. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY

Saffel, Mrs. Frances Taylor–c/o Mr. Kenner Taylor, Frankfort, KY

Sage, Mrs. J. E.–310 Kenesaw Ave., Marrietta, GA

Shannon, Mrs. Thos. J. (Edmonia Berry)La Grange, KY

Shaw, Mrs. James T. (Virginia Woodson Venable)–17721 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI

Shouse, Mrs. Albert F.–Versaille Pike, Lexington, KY

Simmons, Courteney–2834 Virginia Place, Louisville, KY

Simmons, Mrs Joseph (May Murphy)–2834 Virginia Place, Louisville, KY

Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Thruston–Lexington, KY

Slaughter, Alice Carpenter–St. Ives Apt., Louisville, KY

Snoddy, Mrs. Allen T. (Minnie Eddleman)–1423 S. Peoria St., Tulsa, OK

Staples, Charles R.–Southern R.R., Lexington, KY

Stauffer, Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. (Bettie Taylor)–1506 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, LA

Taliaferro, Rov. Thomas F.–Frankfort, KY

Tarry, Eugene–SW Bell Tel. & Tel. Co.–Atlanta, GA

Taylor, Albert Berry–303 Virginia Ave., Normal, IL

Taylor, Albion Ryon–La Grange, KY

Taylor, Alfred Goodlett–Taylors, SC

Taylor, Alice–La Grange, KY

Taylor, Col. Alfred S.–616 Valerie, Santa Barbara, CA

Taylor, Col. Blair Dabney, M.D.U.S.A., retired–753 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, GA

Taylor, Carrie–Crestwood, KY

Taylor, Catesby Woodford–324 W. Magnolia Ave., San Antonio, TX

Taylor, Colby Harrison–Richmond, KY

Taylor, Dabney Strother–1019 Fourth Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Dabney Strother, Jr.–1019 Fourth Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, R. Adm. David Watson, U.S.N. retired–Waldrop, VA

Taylor, Edmund Blanton–1141 Rice Ave., Lima, Ohio

Taylor, Edmund Haynes–210 S. Albany St., Tampa, FL

Taylor, Edmund Haynes III–210 S. Albany St., Tampa, FL

Taylor, Edmund Watson–Frankfort, KY

Taylor, Elizabeth–147 Jefferson, Mansfield, LA

Taylor, Elizabeth Rankin–Main St., Frankfort, KY

Taylor, Frances Johnson–Main St., Frankfort, KY

Taylor, F. Creed–Pine Bluff, AR

Taylor, Mrs. G. Edward (Mildred Gibson)–Ownensboro, KY

Taylor, George S.–Miami, MO

Taylor, Hancock–1924 Deerwood Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Hart–Belden Hotel, Chicago, IL

Taylor, Henry–R.F.D. Cairo, IL

Taylor, Horace Ayres–2019 Woodford Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Jacob Swigert–“Scotland”, Frankfort, KY

Taylor, Jaquelin P., 2325 Monument Ave., Richmond, VA

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. James IX–R.R. 2 La Junta, CO

Taylor, James X–R.R. 2 La Junta, CO

Taylor, James Brent–Louisville, KY

Taylor, James Gibson–Morgan St., Morganfield, KY

Taylor, James Hubbard–4804 Underwood Ave., Omaha, NE

Taylor, James Lane–324 W. Magnolia Ave., San Antonio, TX

Taylor, John Francis–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, Mrs. John Francis (Addie Taylor)–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, John Marion–826 Park Ave., Richmond, VA

Taylor, Col. John Rodgers Meigs, U.S.A. retired–1801 K. St., N.W. Washington, DC

Taylor, Jonathan Gibson–“Walnut Hill”, Ownesboro, KY

Taylor, Joseph Pannill–Philadelphia, PA

Taylor, Joseph W. Jr.–508 Amicable Bldg., Waco, TX

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Kenner–Main St., Frankfort, KY

Taylor, Louise–310 W. 79th St., New York, NY

Taylor, Lucy Pryor–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, Mary Reubenia–Louisville, KY

Taylor, Mary Strother–1924 Deerwood Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Max Rogers–135 E. Main St., Plain City, OH

Taylor, R. Adm. Montgomery Meigs, U.S.A. Army & Navy Club, Washington, DC

Taylor, Mrs. Philip Fall (Margaret Taylor)–Frankfort, KY

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Parker Dudley–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, Pendleton–307 Mason St., Normal, IL

Taylor, Reuben Madison–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, Reuben Thornton–LaGrange, KY

Taylor, Richard G.–Tulsa, OK

Taylor, Dr. Robert Howell–Texarkana, AR

Taylor, Robert Stuart Sr.–Rte. 4, Winchester, KY

Taylor, Dr. Rupert–Auburn, AL

Taylor, Susan Elizabeth–“Walnut Hill”, Owensboro, KY

Taylor, Thomas Hart–Steuben Ave., Crafton, PA

Taylor, Dr.& Mrs. Thomas Madison–310 W. 79 St., New York, NY

Taylor, Thomas Madison–76 Harvard St., Rochester, NY

Taylor, Thomas Pickett Sr.–Seebach Hotel, Louisville, KY

Taylor, Thomas Pickett Jr.–1915 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, William Gibson–8th & Main Sts., Kansas City, MO

Taylor, W. L.–3134 S. Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Mrs. Willie P.–1924 Deerwood Ave., Louisville, KY

Taylor, Dr. Wm. M.–925 W. 17th St., Oklahoma City, OK

Taylor, Prof. William Septimus–U. of KY, Lexington, KY

Thomas, Catherine–Shamrock Apt., Paducah, KY

Thomas, Mrs. Benjamin F.– (Annie Taylor Jones)–Chattanooga, TN

Tillman, J. D. Jr.–Meridian, MS

Tipton, Eugene–3800 Clark Ave., Fort Worth, TX

Tipton, Mrs. E. C.–3800 Clark Ave., Fort Worth, TX

Trabue, Alice Elizabeth–The Cortlandt, Louisville, KY

Trabue, Edmund Francis–1419 St. James Ct., Louisville, KY

Turner, Mrs. Albert T. (Sallie Penn Taylor)–Cornell Place, Fredericksburg, VA

Utterback, Mrs. Elmer L. (Nancy Elliot)-420 Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Van Brunt, Mrs. John (Hope Casey)–Weservelt Orchards, Belton, MO

Van Vost, Virginia–507 E. Third St., Cincinnati, OH

Vaught, Mrs. Charles (Alice Hubbard Taylor)–Main St., Winchester, KY

Wallace, Mrs. Arthur M. (Margaret Barbour Taylor)–832 Brook St., Louisville, KY

Wallace, Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. (Evelyn Taylor McLean)–1910 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Watson, Maj. & Mrs. Alexander McKenzie, U.S.M.C. retired–1114 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Watson, Mrs. James Henry (Anna Walker Robinson)–Memphis, TN

Weeks, William Glassell–425 Main St., New Iberia, LA

White, Mrs. J. A. (Annie Davidson)–403 Jefferson, Thomasville, GA

White, Edna Hilliard–Oxford, NC

Whittaker, Mrs. Marion Orlando (Mary Thornton Peery)–27ll Benton Blvd., Kansas City, MO

Wills, Mrs. H. L.–Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA

Wilmans, Edw. Bentley–Newport, AR

Wise, Mrs. Carl Tipton (Elizabeth Rose Welch)–1220 E. Third St., Duluth, MN

Witherspoon, Mrs. E. O. (Nell Newman)–The Weissinger-Gaulbert, Louisville, KY

Wood, Mrs. Hunter–Box 117, Hopkinsville, KY

Wood, Hunter, Jr., U.S.N.–Hopkinsville, KY

Wood, John Taylor–1357 Barclay St., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wood, Julien Bringier Trist–2521 Gen’l Taylor St., New Orleans, LA

Wood, Lola Mackubin–Maddox P.O., St. Mary’s Co., MD

Wood, McFarland Walker, U.S.N.–Hopkinsville, KY

Wood, Stuart Zachary Taylor, R.C.M.P., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Woolfolk, Junius A.–1300 Third Ave., Louisville, KY

Woolfolk, Lydia–Frankfort, KY

Wooley, Elizabeth McDowell Benton–909 4th Ave., Hendersonville, NC

Wooley, Mrs. Leila J.–909 4th Ave., Hendersonville, NC

Wooley, Mrs. A. G. (Lodi Simmons)–Haynesville, LA

Worthington, Mrs. Joseph Muse (Margaret Taylor Randall)–4 Randall Place, Annapolis, MD

Wright, Mrs. Preston–Hendersonville, NC

Zimmerman, Dr. & Mrs. B. F.–2302 Glenmary, Louisville, KY

Zimmerman, Mrs. John L.–Box 456, R.R. No. 2, Louisville, KY

Zorn, Mrs. Florence Picket Johnson–The Thierman Apt., Louisville, KY

Volume II 1927-1929

      Berry, R. Admr. & Mrs. Robert Mallory


It is another long list to type and I haven’t had time yet.  Most of the members are the same.  I found I was missing the first page and had to go back to VA to find it.




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