The land was patented by Col. James Taylor II in 1722 and was a “reward” for his help in the Spottswood expedition over the mountains. The house is said to have been built then (though it may be of a slightly later date*).

There are two more bedrooms upstairs (and a bathroom) that I did not include in the pictures as they are small.



Bloomsbury Timeline **

Bloomsbury timeline

Map of Bloomsbury by Roy R. Carpenter, Jr. as he remembers it from the 1960’s

Bloomsbury plan by Roy Carpenter, Jr

Inside Bloomsbury

*Some believe the house was actually built by James Taylor III when he married Alice (Thornton) Catlett in 1726. It is possible that they both built it. James II was living in King & Queen Co. before 1722 and possibly never lived here. The brothers of James III – George, Erasmus & Zachary – were each given adjoining land to Bloomsbury by their father. George called his plantation Midland which was on the west side of Jerdone Mountain from Bloomsbury. Zachary called his plantation Meadowfarm which was south of Bloomsbury.And Erasmus called his plantation Greenfields which was west and south of Midland. (Some believe that James II built Greenfields and moved there from Bloomsbury and left Greenfields to Earsmus at his death)

**This timeline is an adaptation by me (upon further research) of the timeline in Bloomsbury Orange County, Virginia, by Carrie Trebil, Rudy J. Favretti Fellow 2007, The Garden Club of Virginia

***Roy R. Carpenter, Jr. met with Helen Marie Taylor, Jan Pifer, and me, Steve Taylor, in Orange in June of 2011 and gave us the copies of the map he drew and his family picture of Bloomsbury.

****Donald Robertson and His Wife Rachel Rogers of King and Queen County, Virginia, Their Ancestry and Posterity; also a Brief Account of the Ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor of Orange County, Virginia, and his Naval History During the War of the American Revolution, by William Kyle Anderson



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