There are many companies that offer DNA testing.  The two that I have used are 23andme & ancestry.com.  Ancestry.com has updated their basic test of years ago so I had a new one done. The first one was a yDNA test.  The new test is an autosomal DNA test (ancestry no longer does yDNA tests).

The problem with all the companies available is that they all have their own databases & their own tests & their own interpretations of the tests.  Nothing seems to be  standardized.  There are ways to compare your test results with other databases.  For autosomal tests matching segments should be at least 20 cM (possible matches 10 cM).  Triangulation with known descendants of James Taylor I should be done.  Autosomal matching could be through other common ancestors who are not Taylors.

We have recently started the James Taylor I Ancestor Project at GEDMatch (they compare DNA tests done by different companies).  If you upload your DNA test to GEDMatch they will assign you a kit number.  Send your kit number to me and I will add you to the ancestor project.  The more kit numbers we have, the more matches we will be able to  find–especially between descendants of the two main branches from the two wives of James Taylor I (only one good match so far).

So if any of you are thinking about getting your DNA tested I would still recommend ancestry.com for an autosomal DNA test.  Watch for sales and it is only $80 (plus shipping)–recently it was on sale for even less– as opposed to $99.00 ($108.95 including shipping).  If you have a family tree at ancestry.com you can link your test results to your tree and it will help you find matches.***

FTDNA does y-DNA testing.  I am planning to do another one since the old ancestry test was thrown out.

***I have 290 pages of matches on ancestry.com with about 30 per page.  I have found 5 that descend from James Taylor I. I have one hint page of supposed Taylor cousins. Those 5 were on the hint page along with 26 others; 22 with faulty connections to the Taylors. Remember that genealogy is only as good as the person’s research. Many people just copy and paste or invent connections. The 22 are probably my cousins (just not cousins through the Taylors) and four of them have private family trees so I can find nothing about them. I have never understood why people pay good money to ancestry.com or any of the other subscription sites & then have a DNA test done and link it to the site AND THEN MAKE IT ALL PRIVATE!


2 thoughts on “DNA

  1. Carolyn S. Taylor

    Steve, I have at least two possibly three DNA connections linked to my Steinert-Coffey-Taylor Family Tree. They are all Taylor’s but I can’t get back any further than about 1850. Can you compare them to your records? Thanks, C S


    1. stevetaylorinoz Post author

      Your email attached to this message does not work. Please go to the membership application and find my email address at the bottom & email me. I need a link to your pedigree & a GEDmatch kit number.



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