As of Nov 2016 this chart contains DNA test comparisons from 35 people.  Most are proven descendants of James Taylor I through records (bible, land patents, census, birth, death, marriage, etc.).

There are a few on the list who have incomplete/missing/no records to prove descent but their DNA test results show that they are most likely descendants or they are looking for a Taylor connection.  Please help by sending your GEDMatch kit number to me so that I can add your test comparison to the chart.  Your addition to the chart could help prove someone’s descent.  (see partial instructions below for to GEDMatch)

In one case the person’s brick wall has been broken down & their ancestor with unknown parents has been linked to his parents due to the DNA test results.

My email address is:  steve dot taylor at jtiassociation dot org (change dot to a period and at to @ and remove spaces)

This chart opens with Microsoft Excel.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel you can get Microsoft Excel Viewer free at:

GEDMatch chart

The easiest way to view the chart is to save it to your computer & then open it (I cannot get the chart to open in a new tab).

Instructions for to GEDMatch:

If you had your DNA test done by then the hardest part is finding your raw DNA data (zip file) which needs to be uploaded to GEDMatch.  Go to your DNA page on and click on settings.  Why they think it is a setting is beyond me but that’s where it is. Download it to your computer.

Go to and start an account.  Follow the instructions there to upload your DNA zip file.  Then it may take a day or two for them to get your kit number working depending on how much backlog they have.  Email me your GEDMatch kit number when it is working & I will add you to the chart.

It is helpful to others if you also upload your pedigree to GEDMatch.  This may be done later.  I do not need it for the chart; I just need your kit number.

Step by Step for download:

  • Go to your site and click DNA and then click
  • Your DNA Results Summary
  • Then click settings to the far right of your name
  • Then click Download Raw DNA Data
  • will then send you an email
  • In the middle of the email click confirm Data Download

Then follow instructions from there.  You will then be asked for your password to start the download.  Then save the download.  I put my download on my desktop so I could find it easily.  (It may go to your download file).

***As the chart grows it takes me longer to add a new person to it so please be patient. I then have to delete the old chart & upload the new chart.  I usually wait until I have several new kit numbers before I add to the chart & then upload the new chart.  It now takes about an hour to add a new person to the chart.