Introductory Letter

 This letter was sent to over 1200 known descendants on 14 Aug 2014:

The Taylor Association:  Descendants of James Taylor I

8 Aug 2014

Dear Taylor cousins:

This letter is being sent to known descendants of James Taylor I, d. 1698, King & Queen Co., VA, who married Frances Walker* & Mary Gregory.  Please share this letter with members of your family as we have not found addresses for all known descendants.

There was a Taylor Association in the 1920’s & 30’s that folded.  A group of Taylor descendants is forming a new association.  The first family meeting will be in Orange, VA, next summer (date to be announced)**.  If you are interested in joining see the application information below (spouses/partners of descendants included).

The acting officers of the association were chosen & appointed.  [names have been removed to avoid confusion since we now have elected officers]

The association’s online database is a nine generation descent from James Taylor I at rootsweb.  This site does not show any living persons.  You will probably find your grandparents or great grandparents here (in the search box type last name, first name & choose from the list):

There is a closed group of Taylor descendants on Facebook.  Messages posted here can only be viewed by members.  If you would like to join the group go to & send a request to join & you will be added to the group.  This is a good way to keep updated on the doings of the association.  There are presently 84 members in the group (as of 8 Aug 2014).


Steve Taylor

*  There are no official records of her name.  The only known source of her name is on an old Taylor family tree that has been passed down over the generations & is in the possession of Steve Taylor, acting membership secretary.

**  It has been suggested that the annual family meeting be held each year in a different location around the country.  A suggestion for the 2016 meeting to be held in Kentucky has been made (probably Lexington or Louisville).









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