James Taylor Tour of Caroline & K & Q Counties

James Taylor Tour to Caroline & King & Queen Counties:

1. HERB COLLINS, 22329 Old Stage Rd. & Mattaponi Trail / Rte. 627, (37.953449, -77.310734) to see Edmund Pendleton’s Overseer’s cottage that he rescued and moved to his property. Edmund was the grandson of James I.

From Orange, Hwy 20 (east) to Hwy 3 (right, east) to Fredericksburg (do not cross Rappahannock River) to Hwy 2 (right, south) to Bowling Green, Hwy 301(South) about 4 miles to Sparta Rd. / Rte. 721 (left), to Mattaponi Trail / Rte. 627 (right) to 29350 Mattaponi Trail (Rte. 623 is too far)

2. LUNCH / RIVERHAVEN, 136 Main St., Port Royal (38.173196, -77.190466)

From Herb Collins retrace Mattaponi Trail (left) to Sparta Rd. / Rte. 721, to Hwy 301 (right), through Ft. A. P. Hill to Port Royal (do not cross the River), to Water St. (left), to Main St. (right)

3. TAYLOR/PENDLETON/CHINAULT CEMETERY (Chinault/Gray/Young Cemetery on findagrave–often called Hare Forest Cemetery) (37.987162, -77.265130) supposed grave site of James Taylor I

From Lunch/Riverhaven retrace back to Hwy 301 (right) to Sparta Rd. / Rte. 721 (left), about 4 miles to cemetery, clump of cedar trees on right (just past R & D Campground on left)

4. KING & QUEEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM (37.670107, -76.877452) to see the James Taylor II sundial

From Cemetery Sparta Rd / Rte. 721 (right), cross Hwy 360, Rte. 721 becomes Rte. 14 / The Trail (right) to Allens Circle (right at first or second Allens Circle) King & Queen Court House & the King & Queen Historical Society Museum

5. HENLEY’S FORK (LAND PATENTS OF JAMES TAYLOR I) (37.755794, -76.990493)

From Museum, Allens Circle (left) on Rte. 14 / The Trail, to Rte. 629 / Walkerton Landing Rd., intersection is called Henley’s Fork. Stop here.

6. WALKERTON, MATTAPONI RIVER (37.726613, -77.022932) to see the place tobacco from plantations were rolled to the waiting ships.

From Henley’s Fork Rte. 629 / Walkerton Landing Rd. (south). Don’t cross the river.

7. APPLE TREE CHURCH SITE (approximate GPS 37.771747, -77.046159) to see the original site of the sundial

From Walkerton, retrace back to Rte. 14 / The Trail (left) back towards Hwy 360 (too far if you cross 360) , to Rte. 634 / Canterbury Rd. (left) to Rte. 633 / Rose Mount Rd. (left or bare left) go about 1 mile, church site is on left (no markings, up a trail in the woods)

8. BELLE GROVE PLANTATION B & B, PORT CONWAY (across the Rappahannock from Port Royal) 9221 Belle Grove Drive (38.179291, -77.188532) to see the birthplace of James Madison (we were running late & had to cancel this visit)

From Apple Tree Church site retrace back to Hwy 360 and cross, becomes Rte. 721 Sparta Rd., retrace back to Hwy 301 (right) to Bowling Green & stay on Hwy 301 through Fort A. P. Hill to Port Royal, cross the Rappahannock River to Port Conway past the church on left to Belle Grove Drive (left) to the plantation


From Belle Grove Plantation (right) on Hwy 301 to Hwy 17 (right) toward Fredericksburg to Rte. 2 (right) through Fredericksburg to Rte. 3 (left) continue through Fredericksburg to Hwy 20 (left) to Orange


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