Membership & Application

If you would like to become a member of the Taylor Association please follow these steps in the order given (failure to do so will cause delays due to extra work required):

1.  Read all of the pages under Membership & Application (Membership Categories, Membership Dues & the Application Form).  If you have any questions please email Steve Taylor, Membership Secretary.  If you have read all of this you will have found Steve’s email address — at the bottom of application form.

2.  Decide which Membership Category fits you the best.

3.  Print an Application Form.  Please follow the directions on the form to fill it out.  

4.  Fill out the Application Form to the best of your ability (Email Steve Taylor if you need help.  He can probably send you a link to your descent  from  James Taylor I  at with almost all of the names & dates you will need).  MAKE SURE TO SIGN & DATE THE APPLICATION FORM

If you would like to include your children (under 18 years of age) in your membership please provide their information on the back of your application form  (see the instructions on the application form).

5.  Send the form to Steve Taylor either by scanning it (AFTER IT IS SIGNED & DATED) and attaching it to an email or by snail mail.

6.  Wait for confirmation from Steve Taylor that he has received & approved your application (At certain times of the year this may take a while if sent by snail mail as he lives in Australia.  His assistant secretary in the States will get the information to him.)

7.  When your confirmation arrives it will request payment of dues.  Please pay them by check or money order (we are not set up for Paypal at this time).   DO NOT SEND DUES UNTIL REQUESTED TO DO SO.

8.  When your dues are paid & have been recorded you will receive a membership card via email (or snail mail if you have no email).  Again, this may take some time if you use snail mail as Steve may be in Australia (usually Oct. to mid April).

Any children under 18 listed on the back of your application will receive their own membership cards.



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