Mitochondrial DNA–The Arrow Head of Heredity


Presented by:  Professor Peter P. Mullen

Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida


Learning Objectives

  1. To promote the understanding of DNA and how it relates to human disease
  2. To evaluate the clinical significance of Mitochondrial DNA
  3. To review the biochemical functions within the mitochondria
  4. To review the options for gene therapy and genetic engineering
  5. To promote the concept of genetic counseling
  6. To understand maternal heritage & genealogy within the Mitochondrial     genome

PROLOGUE: From the first publication of Gregor Mendel’s journal in 1866 to the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2000, scientific knowledge about  human inheritance has taken a journey as valuable as the Lewis and Clark Mapping of the North American Pacific Northwest Passage.  The same question remained for both discoveries –

                                “Now that we know, where do we go? “

There was NO turning back for either – pathways to unchartered domains resulted in new knowledge altering the future for our ancestors, our heritage and our- selves. These discoveries have provided scholarly knowledge in the areas of History, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Medical Science, Molecular Biology,  Genetics and Genealogy.


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