Taylor Genealogy Online

at ourfamtree.org

This is a free site and anyone can view it and search it.  To add genealogy to it you must join.  There is only one tree and everyone connects to it.  I put most of my research with sources here.  This site shows interconnections between families & genealogy back to England for the three Taylor wives.

JAMES TAYLOR I (d. 1698)

at wcRootsWeb.com

This is a free site and anyone can view it.  I update this site (and the ancestry .com site) with a gedcom from my genealogy program (and overwrite/delete the old gedcom).  There are no sources here or at ancestry .com.  This site only shows descendants or James Taylor I.

JAMES TAYLOR I (d. 1698)

at ancestry.com

There is a public Taylor Association tree on ancestry .com.  It can be viewed by anyone who has a subscription* to ancestry .com.  This site only shows descendants of James Taylor I.  It is the same tree as the one at wcRootsWeb except for the symbol behind the names of persons on the linen tree.  Thus it is easier to find/see the names that are on the linen tree.  The symbol looks somewhat like a tree (it is actually the zodiac symbol for Aries).

JAMES TAYLOR I (d. 1698)

*There are free subscriptions to ancestry .com that are available to anyone.  Of course, they would rather you pay a yearly fee so the instructions on how to get a free subscription are hidden in all the links on the website.  The free subscription will not let you do everything the paid one does, but it will let you view the Taylor Association tree for free.

Here is the link to the instructions for free ancestry .com:  Free ancestry.com

other sites

Bob Allen at wcRootsWeb                                                                 James Taylor I (d. 1698)

Bob is a Taylor descendant from James I & Mary Gregory who has been researching the early Taylors & his line for decades.

Ann Blomquist at wcRootsWeb                                                        James Taylor I (d. 1698)

Ann is a professional genealogist who has done extensive research on many of the early   Taylors in the Colonies.  Her narratives (copywrited) are very good.

Mike K. Miles (the Miles Files, Eastern Shore Public Library, Parksley, Accomack Co., VA)

Go to the Miles Files for genealogy of the collateral Taylor line of Accomack County, VA. :    James I=>James II=>James III=>Shadrack I (not James I, II & III of New Kent, King & Queen, Caroline & Orange Counties)                                         James Taylor I x Elizabeth Benston


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