Taylor genealogy at ancestry.com

There is a public Taylor Association tree on ancestry.com.  It can be viewed by anyone who has a subscription* to ancestry.com.  It is the same tree as the one at RootsWeb except for the symbol behind the names of persons on the linen tree.  Thus it is easier to find/see the names that are on the linen tree.  This symbol looks somewhat like a tree (it is actually the zodiac symbol for Aries).

At some time in the future we may decide to have a private Taylor Association tree on ancestry.com that can only be viewed by members of the association.  This would allow us to show all the genealogy of all living cousins who have been found (with permission to do so from each member).

*There are free subscriptions to ancestry.com that are available to anyone.  Of course, they would rather you pay a yearly fee so the instructions on how to get a free subscription are hidden in all the links on the website.  The free subscription will not let you do everything the paid one does, but it will let you view the Taylor Association tree for free.  YOU MUST BE INVITED TO VIEW THE TREE SO YOU WILL HAVE TO SEND ME AN EMAIL REQUESTING AN INVITATION.  I will grant viewing to any Taylor Association member or member of the closed group on Facebook.  My email address can be found at the bottom of the Membership Application form.

Here is the link to the instructions for free ancestry.com:

Free ancestry.com


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