Wives of James III, Col. George & James Taylor IV

Col. George Taylor x Rachel Gibson & James Taylor III x Alice Thornton

Rachel Gibson’s parents were Jonathan Gibson & Elizabeth Thornton.  Alice Thornton was Elizabeth’s niece.  Elizabeth Thornton’s parents were Francis Thornton & Alice Savage.  So their ancestry link in England is the same:

Alice Thornton x James Taylor III
Francis Thornton Jr. x Mary Taliaferro
Alice Savage x Francis Thornton
Anthony Savage x Sarah Constable
Ralph Savage x unknown
Walter Savage x Elizabeth Hall
Francis Savage x Anne Sheldon
Christopher Savage x Anne (Susanne)
Christopher Savage x Anne Stanley
Katherine Stanley x John Savage
Jean (Joan) Goushill x Thomas Stanley
Elizabeth FitzAlan x  Robert Goushill
Elizabeth de Bohun x Richard FitzAlan
William de Bohun x Elizabeth de Badlesmere
Elizabeth Plantagenet x Humphrey de Bohun
Edward I x Eleanor of Castile

Savage/Thornton sources:

  •  Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families  by Douglas Richardson
  •  The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants… by Gary Boyd Roberts

James Taylor IV x Ann Hubbard

Elizabeth Todd x Benjamin Hubbard
Philip Todd x Ann Day
Elizabeth Bernard x Thomas Todd
William Bernard x Lucy Higginson
Francis Bernard x Mary Woolhouse
Francis Bernard x Alice Hazelwood
John Bernard x Cecily Muscote
John Bernard x Margaret Wake
Margaret le Scrope x John Bernard
Henry le Scrope x Elizbeth le Scrope
Margaret de Neville x Richard le Scrope
Margaret de Stafford x Ralph de Neville
Hugh de Stafford x Philippe Beauchamp
Margaret de Audley x Ralph de Stafford
Margaret de Clare x Hugh de Audley
Joan “of Acre” x Gilbert de Clare
Edward I x Eleanor of Castile

Bernard/Todd sources:

  • The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants… by Gary Boyd Roberts
  •  The Bernards of Abington and nether Winchendon by Mrs. Napier Higginss; in two volumes, Longmans, Green, & Co.,  London, NY & Bombay 1903
  •  Plantagenet ancestry of seventeenth-century colonists:; Plantagenet ancestry of seventeenth-century colonists: the descent from the later Plantagenet kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, and Edward III, of emigrants from England and Wales to the North American colonies before 1701 by David Faris; New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1999

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