2015 Reunion

The beginning:

P1080915 (640x480)

The tents are up

P1080916 (640x480)

P1080918 (640x480)

Some of the crew:

P1080920 (640x480)

Jan & Jim Pifer

P1080921 (640x480)

Juanita Hastings working on party favors after a wonderful dinner of pizza.

Some of the mess (preparations):

P1080922 (640x480)

P1080924 (640x480)

Jan (head chef)
(above pics by Steve Taylor)

The Taylor cousins
(pic by Jim Pifer)

Taylor cousins 2015

Everything is ready
(pics by Steve Taylor)

P1080937 Steve Taylor (2) (640x480)


P1080937 Steve Taylor (1) (640x480)

James Taylor II & wife Martha Thompson Taylor cooking spring lamb stew (actually it’s Jan Pifer & Bill Thomas–pres. & v. pres.)
(pic by Fred Prisley)

P1080976 (640x480)

Party favor at each place setting.  Inside the scroll is the story of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe.  See Wikipedia:  Knights of the Golden Horseshoe

TFIR01 Fred Prisley (640x480)

One of the cakes (icing cracked as it was sitting out)
(pic by Pamela Felton)

IMG_6411 Pamela Felton (640x480)

Honorary Pres. & Historian Helen Marie Taylor
(pic by Jim Pifer)

IMG_0531 Pifer (640x427)

(pic by Jim Pifer)

IMG_0537 Pifer (640x427)


View from the living room of the Quarles part Bloomsbury looking north
(pic by Pamela Felton)


IMG_6431 Pamela Felton (640x480)

The marker at the camp of Gen. Robert E. Lee on Bloomsbury property about a mile walk from the house through the fields west toward Orange
(pic by Steve Taylor)

P1080904 (640x480)

Transcription:  General Robert E. Lee’s Army Headquarters was located on this site during  the winter of 1863-1864


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