The Apple Tree Church

The creation of the Apple Tree Church (also known as St. Clement’s Church) was authorized in 1710 by the Virginia House of Burgesses for the residents of upper St. Stephen’s Parish.  It was abandoned & later destroyed after the Revolution.  Bricks from the Appletree Church were used to build a barn on Rosemount Farm across the road from the site.

The supposed site has lines of somewhat scattered bricks that outline the old foundation.  The pictures do not do the site justice due to the forest litter.  The highway marker is about 2 miles away on Hwy 360.

The 1715 Taylor sundial was donated to the Apple Tree Church by James Taylor II.  When the church was abandoned the sundial was given to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in King & Queen Courthouse.  It is now on loan to the King & Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum (next door to the church).


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